Friday, February 10, 2012


Decided to post something a little different.
Why?  Because I can.
It's been a busy, chaotic week and as usual I end up getting screwed over and not kissed first.
Life can be that way but at least some flowers or chocolate after being so rough would ease the pain.
I am a pretty lucky guy. I write sexy, fun, erotic stories and design book covers for some pretty big authors. At times I pinch myself which is silly because I look funny pinching myself on the butt.  
But we all have rough days and I was thinking about what a perfect day would be like.
Other than having Kate Beckinsale give e a full service body massage and oil treatment.

For me a perfect day would be sleeping in, breakfast in bed (waffles and bacon) some really hot sex, going back to sleep, waking up to a double roasted beef sandwich and a Dr Pepper, some more hot sex, watching some zombie movies, a big steak dinner with a baked potato and getting a shoulder massage while watching the game, some more really hot sex then sleeping for 12 hours.

Typical man. Food, Sex, Sleep and Sports.   The order may vary.

What would all of your perfect days be like?                                                            


  1. everything you just listed above...but replace zombie movies with vampire movies, and the steak sandwich with fish n chips from a proper chippy :)

    Sucks you got screwed without being kissed this week! Hope you get your perfect day this weekend, you know, to make up for the chaotic week.

  2. Replies
    1. That all sounds great to me and I agree with JoAnne Vampire movies. Hope you have a good weekend and get lots of xoxoxo

  3. Hope you have a naughty Valentine's Day.

  4. Have Fun this St valentine's day. Deb P