Friday, December 30, 2011

Smutty Kitty's and Contest

Now I'm not much of a blogger and just getting the hang of this but have to say, I LOVE the name of the blog I am on today. The Smutty Kitty's Blog

I did have a question for all you readers.
What are your favorite types of contests/giveaways to participate in?

There are so many different types that I just wanted to know if mine is a good one.
I'm giving away a new Kindle reader for the release of my new book OWNED.
Releasing on January 17th.

To enter the contest just subscribe to my newsletter.
(Scroll to the bottom of the main page and hit the button)
I'll draw the winner from the newsletter subscribers on January 22nd.


  1. Hi SL! I followed the blog! Is that what you mean?

  2. There's actually a place on my site to join my newsletter.
    It gives me the names of people that joined so it's easier to have someone draw the name for the winner there.

  3. I already get your newsletter, is the contest for us old followers too?

  4. I am wanting an ereader now that the kobo's in canada have hit $88...I can maybe afford that this year

  5. Sorry for the delay. The contest is open to everyone on my newsletter list. When I resent it all the old emails not in use were deleted. Love the new program.