Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tick Tock

Know it's been a while since I posted.

Not a lot of news other than the few conferences and places I went to.
Funny how little time you find for yourself when you're working all the time.
I have basically become a vampire and live on late nights.
At least I don't sparkle in the sunlight.

I had a lot of fun in Arizona and met a bunch of people.
Thanks to everyone that joined us in the St. Patricks Day blog hop.
All us writers had a lot of fun and I was happy to see all the comments made on my post and the poem.

It's coming up on that time again.
RT is next month.
I am looking forward to seeing all of you readers there.
I'll have a bunch of my buttons and whatever other kind of goodies I can dig up.
If you're going I'd love to hear who's going.

6 Old Ladies

One day, while walking to the store, I passed by a Nursing Home. 
On the front lawn were 6 old ladies laying naked on the grass. 
I thought this was a bit unusual, but continued on my way to the store. 
On my return trip, I passed the same Nursing Home with the same 6 old ladies laying naked on the lawn. 
This time my curiosity got the best of me and I went inside to talk to the manager. 
"Do you know there are 6 ladies laying naked on your front lawn?" 
"Yes," he said. "They are retired prostitutes and they're having a yard sale."

Take care,


  1. LMAO!! I truly never know what to expect from you. Can't wait til RT!!!!

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