Friday, January 20, 2012


 So the NFL Playoffs are this Sunday and my favorite team is playing, 
San Francisco 49ers.
Since I know they are going to win. I thought why not celebrate and do a giveaway!
ny giants

Do you watch the Playoffs,Superbowl, just the commercials and halftime show, or not at all?

One lucky winner will win a gift card in the amount of San Francisco 49ers total score (if San Fransisco's score is 28 you win a GC for $28). So be sure to root for the 49ers and watch the score. Leave a comment answering the question and don't forget to leave your email so I can contact you when you win. Contest closes on Sunday at midnight PST, winner will be announced Monday, January, 23.

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winner will be drawn on 1/22.


  1. I watch all the games/commercials and halftime show and will definitely be rooting for the 49'ers.

  2. i watch the whole thing :)from per-season to the superbowl

  3. This is a really cool giveaway! Thanks!

    I have no choice but to watch football or listen to it in the background when it's on. I do like to watch sometimes and I'll dress up for my team. To tell you the truth, I'd rather read. I don't understand the plays at all and the hubby like to make fun of me because I cheered for years but still have no clue what the plays mean...but I'll still watch it.

    The hubby will be screaming for the GIANTS to win. :)

  4. Cool giveaway! Don't have a favorite team but it doesn't hurt to look at all rhe might fine asses these players posess. Always watch Super Bowl. Great time for family and friends to get together, great good, great drinks, football pots and of course the commercials.

    P.S. Pick Me!!

  5. I am a SF girl, so definitely rooting for the 49ers tomorrow. Superbowl is always on around here, but I tend to pass by just when the commercials and half time show are playing.

    Have a fun weekend, everyone.

    cathy m
    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  6. The game is on in my house even if we don't like the teams. Gotta watch the commercials as well as the halftime show.


  7. I'm a Giants fan from birth, so the whole season is on at my house. And even if they aren't in the Super Bowl(I'm sure that WON'T be the case this year ; ) we watch the game.

    1. YOU WON, my editor drew your name.
      Email me your paypal account and I'll send you the money.

  8. Thanks for posting. I'm excited my team made it this far. It's been so long since I could be excited in the playoffs. Win or lose I am a happy guy. Of course if they win I'll be happier.

    Thank you to everyone signing up for the newsletter.

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  10. Adding post for Bookfan who wasn't able to access the post

    I watch playoffs & Superbowl every yr. Hope 49ers make a Superbowl comeback this year! They are my team :)

  11. I watch it all - my husband is a football fan, so what better way to spend time together ;-)

    Rootin' for the 49'er's, of course!! Especially now that the Patriots have won (bleh).

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Gena Robertson

  12. Go San Fran!! Lol, seriously I hate Eli Manning. I am a total football lover. My team has not been good for close to 15 years. But I love the whole playoffs and Super Bowl run every year. And I LOVE Superbowl commercials. That is pretty much the only time I do not fast forward through commercials. As for the half time show, I could take it or leave it.

    Thanks for the chance.

    izzyabbysmom2006 @ yahoo . com

  13. Well NUTS,
    OK. I had my editor choose a number between 1 and 12 for the entries and to add insult to injury Cathy in AK won. My team didn't win but I'll send her a 15 dollar Gift Certificate. She's a Giants fan...oh brother.
    So Cathy, email me with details and I'll send the Gift.
    Thanks to all that entered and even though my team lost, I'm happy they made it this far.
    GO NINERS next year.

    1. I meant 17 dollar GC
      In my sadness I said 15. What a noob.
      Cathy, you'll be hearing from someone about this.
      Congrats again.