Tuesday, January 17, 2012


OMG, they released my new book OWNED.
I am always nervous on release day. It's like my first time.
We all remember our first time.
I was scared, nervous, fumbling my words...and alone.
Tense times indeed.
But onto the subject at hand, I have a new book out and if you sign up for my newsletter you get in the drawing to win a KINDLE eReader.
Pretty cool huh?
Of course you'll buy the book so I can PAY for the reader.
Thanks to everyone that has already joined the newsletter and good luck.

BTW, i always like asking questions.
What do you remember most about your FIRST TIME?


  1. Oh h3ll yeah!! Own me baby!. I love the cover and I have a gift card eating a hole in my pocket.
    Hmmm, the first time. In the back of a volkswagen bug. I remember trying to get the back seat to lay down and get that stupid snap to click. I remember seeing headlights of other cars driving by and wondering if someone would stop and peek in the windows and see us, in the back seat, doing it. I remember it hurt like a #!%$$@!! and hearing the cows in the field mooing. But most of I remember it lasting only for a few seconds and thinking why is this supposed to be so great?

  2. That is too funny.
    I can imagine the back seat all cramped up and people seeing you.
    That's why they invented Drive-Ins, the place to make out and beg for 2 hours until she finally touches IT.

  3. Actually I think we were at the drive in before we went driving down this lone country road not far from my house. And it was very cramped. I was laying diagonally across the back with my neck bent because there still wasn't enough room. Thank goodness I'm not tall.